myWorld global corporation joins @media in a strong partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with myWorld International group. This collaboration will result in creating a platform that connects shoppers with businesses and merchants, who advertise on @media.

myWorld’s strong community of more than 15 million customers and 150,000 partners in 55 markets will be now able to use @media box and instantly connect with merchants and businesses. The advertisements from @media platform will reach myWorld shoppers around the world. The shoppers will have the opportunity to earn Cashback and additional benefits for every advert they see on @media box.

We put our customers and business partners at the heart of our @media platform, this is a perfect win-win situation for both parties. On the one hand, myWorld Shoppers will get paid for every advert they watch on @media box. On the other hand, businesses and merchants will reach the right target audience at the right time whilst watching TV, films or playing a videogame.

And the revolution continues, with our sophisticated remote control Purchase button, myWorld shoppers will be just two clicks away from buying their favourite products from the comfort of their sofas. They can log in with their myWorld accounts and buy products from the adverts they see on @media box.

“Our partnership with myWorld International Group is absolutely amazing news for @media. Together, we will create a strong community of myWorld Shoppers and merchants all around the world. What’s more, both sides are benefiting from @media box. Shoppers are being rewarded for watching the ads and merchants can showcase their products and services to the right audience group at the right time. We are supporting and empowering both, mediaWorld Shoppers and merchants with endless possibilities they can achieve on @media box,” commented Hans Christian Neuhold, CEO of @media box.

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